Orchard Mall Bahria Orchard Phase4


Orchard Mall

A growing urban hub in a rising area The Best Place to Invest in Town!
Orchard Mall is at the heart of Phase 4 of the Bahria Orchard complex, which includes amenities, schools, cinemas, and an
international hospital (Saudi German). An imperishable asset, guaranteed to increase in value with ROI beyond 10%

The Orchard Mall

Orchard Mall features the largest brand-name Supermarket, Wedding & Kids’ Arena, and IT Market along with numerous
creative play and recreation spaces for all ages. Its residential facilities include luxury Hotel Apartments and Bahria’s
lifestyle features to enjoy and relax

Key Features

✅A Growing Urban Hub in a Rising Area
✅Bahria’s Luxury Lifestyle with Q-links’ Expertise and Quality
✅150,000 sqft with 340+ Shops & 5 Kiosk
✅Guaranteed Rental Income with ROI beyond 10%
✅Rising Property Value
✅Unparalleled Environment of Luxe and Leisure
✅Modern Architecture
✅Massive Lobby
✅Basement: Premium Aslam Supermarket
✅First Floor: Wedding Arena
✅Second Floor: Kids Arena
✅Third Floor: IT Market
✅Fourth Floor: Luxury Hotel Apartments
✅Establish or Promote Your Own Brand
✅Expert Assistance in Acquiring Franchises and Landing
✅Ample Car Parking
✅Safe & Secure Environment
✅Back-up Power
✅Building Orientation
✅24/7 CCTV Coverage
✅High-end Ambiance


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